Fashion Enter Stitching Academy Level 1 & 2

Early 2017 was a hard time for me.

I had the January blues.

My full time job in London had come to an end. I had worked at a small Textile Design studio for three years.

The studio sadly closed down just before Christmas so I was starting 2017 unemployed and not know what to do.

I always had the dream of having my own business, designing my own fabrics for me instead of for clients but I knew I lacked the skills of actually sewing fabrics or an understanding of how to use Industrial Sewing Machines.

So when I found out about Fashion Enter that offers courses to teach you how to use Industrial Sewing Machines to a factory standard I was so game!

I started off doing a Level 1, learning the basics of how to use a machine, stitch straight lines etc and then proceeded to a Level 2 where i learnt how to sew pattern pieces make collars, skirts, overlock, work with jersey etc.

These skills are such a valuable part of what I can now achieve on my own sewing machines and I am forever grateful to fashion enter for helping me when I really needed the help!